4 More Days!

Commitment Ceremony Checklist:

Caterer confirmation: Kinda, their computers are down so they haven't given me the final price for confirmed headcount.
Cupcakes confirmation: Check
Tent, Chairs, tables, linens confirmation: Check
Bartender: Not Yet
Flowers: Check
Wine/ Beer/ Soda: Check, Check, Not Yet
Music Playlist: Check
Vows: Not Yet
Tuxs: Check
Weather: Looks Promising. Sunny and 90 Degrees (yikes, hot for a tux).
Things are still moving right along. I took Friday off to wrap everything up that wasn't finished yet. Saturday we meet the event equipment rental people in the morning for tent setup and to make sure everything is delivered fine. Sunday is the big day!

I'll have pics posted as we progress over on Flickr.
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Counting down....

Less then two weeks until the big day. Time is flying by. We are almost done with all the planning. Last few things on my list include someone to tend bar, some decorations for the tables, and trash handling. We also need to figure out the vows, though that is just Drew and I sitting down and talking over what we want to say. We are also having a small dinner the night before that is technically called a rehearsal dinner. It really is just an excuse to get the close friends together the night before as we will probably be pretty busy the day of the ceremony. Drew wants to do a small catering event for that, but I'm thinking just party trays from Costco or something. I might just let him handle the details.

I think I mentioned that the old roomie Russ is handling babysitting for the cat while we are on vacation. He'll be staying here with her some so she isn't alone the whole two weeks we are gone. We got some runner rugs for his dog, as she has a hard time with laminate floors. The Princess seems to like them as well so everyone wins.

That's about all for the moment. I'll try to get a more substantive post up shortly with the itinerary for the "Honeymoon". That is just 3 weeks away. Time is just flying by.
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Everything coming together

Planning continues apace for the ceremony. We went out and picked up the wine as well as the big ice chests/buckets for the beer. Everything should look great. Getting the stationary this week to send out the confirmations and direction for those that did RSVP. Trying to decide how to word that we want people to be comfortable and dress however they like. The whole point is to have fun and not be too stuffy.

Also, the initial plan was to get "nice" rings for the both of us right before the ceremony. But, by the time I was looking over the prices, and worrying how to keep nice and expensive rings from scratching and getting roughed up, I looked down at the rings that we are both already wearing. They aren't expensive and they were only supposed to be temporary, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. They're already perfect. So, being the sneaky bastard that I am, I sunk the money I had set aside for nice rings into a new iPad for the husband. He just switched jobs (with a nice raise and benefits), but lost his work iPad in the process, so he had no tablet. Well we can't have that now, as the man lives and breathes Apple products. I think he likes his wedding gift quite a bit. Makes me pretty happy to see him so surprised and happy with something.

I'm trying to get to a good spot at work as well. We are pretty nuts, as usual, and I have quite a few big projects at various states of completion. Many seem to be lining up for finishing right around the time we leave for two weeks on the honeymoon. I wouldn't be able to dump it all on my coworkers, as they wouldn't be able to handle the workload either. So I scramble to finish it a bit early. Here is to hoping that we can manage getting it finished and everyone satisfied so I can put my mind at ease a bit.

Oh, and one of the wedding beers we brewed if you missed it on Facebook.

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Back to now...

I'm sure I'll think of other things here and there that tie into the last few months, but for now I'll stick with the current things.

We were all recently finalized on our yearly reviews for 2011 at work. The company ranks us and then our raises and any bonus is a percentage that is based on that rank versus our peers. I normally do very well and the initial review from the boss was a very good ranking. Once they went in the big room and discussed with his boss and peers I dropped a ranking. Not that big a deal as I went from a "frequently exceeds expectations" to a "high meets", though I wasn't thrilled with the reasoning behind it. It looks like my working from home that started last summer has impacted me slightly. I'm apparently not getting enough "face time" with other Directors and VPs. So, I've upped my meetings into the office and will proceed to charge them travel time. The difference in the level of bonus will probably be made up in about 2 months of expense reports. I just shake my head and move on. The work I'm doing is great and I don't have problems with my level of performance.

Settling into the new house well. I brought the old lady cat with me and she seems to be adjusting to the single animal household. We've talked about getting a couple kittens from the pound, but don't think it would be good to do until we get back from 2 weeks out of town. Russ will come stay with the current cat while we are out, leaving me one less thing to worry about.

Also Daylight Savings Time sucks....

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Catchup Part 2...

Gosh, where do I start on the detail stuff. I guess I can talk about the upcoming ceremony. The Ceremony itself is being planned by me for the most part. Drew is handling the honeymoon planning.

We are having it at our friend Jeff's house in his huge backyard. It will be about 65 people (that have confirmed) coming. Nothing religious; although we have a pastor friend that will be doing the service. Going for very relaxed and fun for everyone. I'll be wearing a tux and Drew is wearing his kilt.

Catering will be a backyard bbq thing. The caterer actually rolls up a couple big grills and cooks everything right there. We are doing pulled pork, grilled chicken, and beef brisket, along with all the fixin's. Dessert will be done by a local Durham bakery and will be 4 types of cupcakes. Drinks will be the usual suspects (Soda, lemonade, ice tea, water, wine) as well as a good selection of the beer that Drew and I have been brewing. I've got about 180-200 bottles planned and almost ready to go. The last couple batches will be bottled this weekend. We are both pretty excited about it. I honestly didn't think we would get that many confirms on the rsvps. We are glad that we did though, as we cut the list pretty tight as it was. I never realized how many people I considered close to me until we had the chance to put the list together.

After the ceremony we actually go back to work the following day. We will work almost the whole week and leave that Friday in the afternoon for Iceland. There we will spend a few days tooling around the countryside sightseeing and hitting the waterfalls, glaciers, and hot-springs. After that we head to London to visit his Uncle that lives there for about a day or two. Then we board the Queen Mary 2 for a week long cruise back to New York. We have a nice stateroom with a balcony. I'm pretty excited about that part.

That is the quick run through in a nutshell. I'll have plenty of pictures and maybe even a few videos here and there to post when we get back. It's just over a month away too. Yikes!

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Catchup Part 1?

Yes I know, bad Chris for not posting more often. I have been struggling to decide if I am still able to put down the words about what is going on around these parts. Some of it is just that aside from a few things here and there, it just doesn't seem like there is anything that exciting going on. Of course, this is when I look back at the last few months and realize that it all does kinda add up to a bit more significant a post. And since I get so much enjoyment out of keeping up with everyone else here that still posts, I figure it is only fair that I do the same on occasion. I'll see about getting better.

Think I left off at the end of October!?! (Yikes, that is a bit). Anyhow, back then I was just working as usual. It's a busy time for us at the office so that kept me pretty occupied. Did the Thanksgiving thing at Drew's parents. His mother was under the weather so I offered to cook. They jumped all over that idea so the full spread was taken care of by Drew and I. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and are already talking of me doing it again this year. We shall see how I am feeling about it when the time rolls around again.

After that was prep for Christmas with both work and home. Our first big Christmas together so we both probably spent a bit too much. Nothing wrong with that on occasion though. He ended up with a bunch of new games, clothes, etc... And I got a big tv stand for the upcoming move we were planning. Work itself was a bear. I worked a couple weeks of noon to nine and on call. I hate the schedule, but since we take turns in the office, my time was up.

January and the New Year saw us move in together. It hasn't been without it's difficulties but we are adapting. When I lived with Russ (the old roomie), it was a two story house with my room and entertainment options downstairs. He had his office and tv upstairs along with his room. It made for a good retreat for my hermit nature. Speaking of the old roomie, moving out also brought with it a splitting up of the kids. He kept all the pets except my old cat Missy. I've had her almost 16 years now and she wasn't going to do very good without me. His dog was an obvious choice to stay behind since she was so attached to him. The other two cats kinda had to stay together and one of them wouldn't have been happy without Russ and the dog. Tough call but for the best in the long run. Drew and I may get a couple kittens later in the spring or early summer. Russ was also family, so even though we didn't do a lot of stuff together, it was still a comfort knowing he was around. Not that big a deal though, he is just across town so I can go see him and the kids whenever I like.

Now I'm in Durham. We are in the middle of prepping for an official Commitment ceremony. Date is set for April 15th, caterer chosen, rentals for tent, chairs, table, etc, and tux purchases set. We even have cupcakes from the local Daisy Cakes setup. We are also planning on providing home brew beer for those that want it. It's turning into quite a production, we have about 80 guests invited and over 60 already confirmed. I'm handling all the ceremony while he handles the honeymoon. That is a two week trip to Iceland, London, and then a cruise back on the Queen Mary 2 which should be quite the time.

Now it's March. I'm still wrapping my head around everything that is going on with ceremony prep and all that it entails. I think I'll get into more detail about some of that in Part 2.
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LJ App

I had a nice long post typed out with pics in my phone LJ App. It proceeded to eat the post and no longer be able to login anymore.

I'll try to recreate it at some point that I'm not ready to cut a bitch.
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Snack time and fast...

Two totally unrelated items but what the heck.
First up we have new favorite snack of the day.

Next up is the 4G upgrade to the Xoom tablet.

You won't see those speeds on an Ipad.

This weekend Drew and I are heading to Busch Gardens for Hallowscream. We will be joined by our friend Jeff and his "not" boyfriend Matt. Pics and post to come.

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State Fair time...

It's the season of the State Fair. Bad food, crowds carrying around all sorts of vile diseases all while crammed as close together as possible without actually having sex, and terrible traffic. Everyone around here seems to love it, except me of course. I would sooner stick a rusty ice pick in my eye (slowly) than attend the annual State Fair. I sent Drew out with some friends so he could get it out of his system. He knows I hate crowds.
It does make me a bit contemplative though. I do get nervous in crowds. I don't like being crammed in with a lot of people. That is only sometimes though. I have fun with the occasional concert, have a blast at Busch Gardens, and I'm even able to stand in front of my whole department and ad lib accomplishments of our group at the last minute. I'm just not comfortable surrounded by people that take me out of my comfort zone. Also germs can be kept to themselves.

Weekend fun was had. We went to his parents house to help them clean up some yard work leftover from hurricane Irene. Nice food and family time. They are great people. Sunday before he ran to the fair I dragged him around Eno River again. It is a tough trail with the elevation and 4 mile loop. I really enjoy it after the fact. It doesn't help that the weather has been about as good as it gets.

Hopefully more later this week. We have some beer to bottle and brew at some point. There are also another 4 or 5 batches that are almost done cooking in the bottles that will be ready to test. Always a fun time :)