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4 More Days!

Commitment Ceremony Checklist:

Caterer confirmation: Kinda, their computers are down so they haven't given me the final price for confirmed headcount.
Cupcakes confirmation: Check
Tent, Chairs, tables, linens confirmation: Check
Bartender: Not Yet
Flowers: Check
Wine/ Beer/ Soda: Check, Check, Not Yet
Music Playlist: Check
Vows: Not Yet
Tuxs: Check
Weather: Looks Promising. Sunny and 90 Degrees (yikes, hot for a tux).
Things are still moving right along. I took Friday off to wrap everything up that wasn't finished yet. Saturday we meet the event equipment rental people in the morning for tent setup and to make sure everything is delivered fine. Sunday is the big day!

I'll have pics posted as we progress over on Flickr.

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