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Marathon man...

For having so much free time on my hand, why do I feel like I'm constantly pressed for time?

The week has been relatively steady with activities. I am supposed to do dinner with the dinner group as well as game night with Russ, Brad, and Ryan tonight. Instead, I think I'll stay in and watch the DVR. Everyone else hates when I do that, but I'm just not in the mood for being very social today.

Tuesday evening Brad and I went to dinner at MoJoes burger place. Grilled chicken breast with cheddar, BBQ sauce and bacon. Yum...
We followed it up with coffee at Helios (it is right down the street afterall.)

Wednesday was country night, and I forgot the camera. I'll try to get a movie or two posted next week from that.

Yesterday was coffee again at Helios, this time with John (dailyafirmation). We chatted and people watched. Always fun.

Next stop for pictures? Tonight I think I'll go walking down at the lake to see what I can see.

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